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Cat Grass Planting Kit

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Our Cat Grass Planting Kit is a Do-It-Yourself fun kit. It’s designed for you to reuse our freeze-dried containers to plant these nutritious organic wheatgrass - A fun concept loved by many! Perfect for cats/dogs/hamsters/guinea pigs/rabbits, of all ages and breeds.


  • Rich in natural plant-based fibers.

  • Promotes digestive health.


  • For cats, it’s all about getting rid of their hairball and other things that may otherwise cause blockage in their digestive tract. Because they always clean themselves with their tongue.

  • For dogs, it’s just another healthy vegetable.

  • For hamsters, it’s a delicious wheatgrass that’s hard to resist.

  • For guinea pigs, they just can’t stop 515151 for it.

What’s Included?

A planting kit that comes with two(2) types of organic wheatgrass seeds, two(2) coco peat discs, and one(1) mini shovel.

How To Plant

  1. Select your favorite freeze-dried container.

  2. Add about 100ml of tap water into it.

  3. Place one coco peat disc into the water.

  4. Then watch carefully as it absorbs the water and expands upwards. You’ll definitely be wow-ed, promised!

  5. Next, use the mini shovel to loosen the medium. 

  6. And spread your seeds evenly over the surface. A thin layer will do.

  7. Lastly, give them a final spray of water.

  8. Make sure you spray them daily. Not too much.

  9. Within 3 days, you’ll see tiny sprouts beginning to form.

  10. And after a week, your Cat Grass is ready to be harvested and fed.

Tips & Tricks

  • Grow in a dark place until it’s 4-5cm tall.

  • Avoid hot, direct sunlight.

  • Don’t overwater. A pool of water means too much.

  • Too compact and/or too much water can cause the seeds to mole.

  • Give a little time and love, and it’ll grow.

How To Feed

  • If you’re lazy, feed it directly.

  • If you’re not, cut a few streaks over their food. Like adding spring onions to your porridge.

If You’re New to Cat Grass

Take a few streaks and let them smell.

If They Don’t Eat

Try mixing your wheatgrass with wet food. It can be our soaked freeze-dried, canned food, raw etc. If all fails, please ask Ju妈 for advice.

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