And you'll see the difference.

Cats are 100% meat lovers (carnivores). Their digestive system lacks the necessary enzymes to digest carbohydrates (grains) and plant tissues. In other words, only meat can provide the necessary nutrients they need on a daily basis.
  • When we first brought Soju back.

    Diet: kibbles + lots of unhealthy snacks
  • Soju started having freeze-dried.

    Diet: kibbles + JUMA freeze-dried + canned food
  • Soju is now at his ideal weight and body shape. BCS 3/5

    Diet: 20% raw + 80% JUMA freeze-dried
 | JUMA: Your Favourite Freeze-Dried Pet Food (Ju妈冻干)

Get our irresistible healthy snack series for your cat. They'll love you more!

However, every cat is different. For example, some cats love fish, and some don't, even from the same family. Never assume that they dislike something at the first attempt. Try different ways of feeding, then decide. Feel free to ask Ju媽 if you have any questions.
 | JUMA: Your Favourite Freeze-Dried Pet Food (Ju妈冻干)

Read these to get started.

Feel free to ask Ju媽 if you've any questions. We're very nice people :)
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    How raw freeze-dried solved our cat's urinary issues

    Urinary tract disease is one of the most common issues among cats. And just like any other cat, our boy Soju had episodes of bloody...
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  • Ju媽

    Can we mix freeze-dried with other food?

    冻干参粮怎么参?好处是什么?冻干能不能参粮?干粮/湿粮?Written in English and Mandarin versions.
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  • Ju媽

    Why is my cat picky?

    Nobody likes a picky cat. But cats aren't always this fussy from the beginning. How our cats behave is dependent on how we treat them....
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Prevention is better than cure.

Feeding the right food with the necessary nutrition can help prevent unnecessary sickness and medical bills in the long run. Reduce the amount of kibble and start feeding one meal of our freeze-dried (best soaked in lukewarm water) to help increase their nutrition and water intake.
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