About JUMA

I’ve heard about you. So, who are you?

We’re a local startup pet brand known as JUMA, or Ju妈 (pronounced as “juuu-ma”) in Mandarin. Often referred to as Soju’s mum since 2017.  

Okay, so who’s Soju?

He’s a Domestic Long Hair (DLH) black cat with a beautiful pair of copper eyes. We partially adopted/bought him in 2017 because black cats weren’t popular back then   

What’s this place about?

We offer a wide variety of raw freeze-dried and air-dried pet food for cats/dogs/hamsters. Suitable for all ages and breeds. 

You’ve the most recommendations. Why?

Because we don’t just sell. We sell with conscience. We provide the most genuine recommendations and advice based on your situation because we want to help. And everybody loves us for that   

Okay, but why should I care?

First of all, you’re here. So it means that you’re looking to provide something better for your furkids because you want them to live a long healthy life. And I must say, feeding the right food is the key to most problems. 

Our boy had urinary tract issues twice - every cat parent’s nightmare. He had a hard time peeing so he pee-ed (with blood) on our bedsheet. And we freaked out, just like any parents do. And like all starters, we had very little knowledge back then. We tried going to the vet, and changing his diet to kibbles (in the morning) and wet food (at night). But it wasn’t good enough. So we went on a research spree about cat food. And we found raw freeze-dried to be the best solution - food is the cure!

Why do you say so?

Because raw freeze-dried is more nutrient-dense so most of the nutrients are being absorbed into the body, leading to smaller poops and lesser-to-no smell. And the best part is, soaking it in lukewarm water rehydrates the freeze-dried to taste as fresh as the day it was prepared! Juicy meat means more water and less issues! #WinWin

Aren’t convinced? Does your furkid have any of the following conditions?

  • Stinky poop. Makes you want to puke.

  • Smelly breath. Makes you want to hold your breath.

  • “Animal” smell. Feels like you’re in the zoo.

  • Excessive shedding. Fur all over the place and you.

  • Drink too little water. Has urinary issues like bloody pee etc.

  • Imbalanced body figure. Like a bloated stomach with a small head.

  • Flabby body. Everything feels so soft and fat. Not fit.

  • Inactive at young. Not responding much to toys etc.

  • Extremely fussy eater. Only want certain food.

OMG. How did you know? And what should I do next to improve?

Stay calm and start introducing our raw freeze-dried meals to your kids. And you’ll slowly see and feel the difference. Click here for cats, or here for dogs to shop now, or consult us if you’ve any questions   

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