How much should my cat eat per day?

Step 1: Weigh your cat.

Step 2: Find your cat(s)' Resting Energy Requirement (RER) based on their body weight.

RER = (body weight in kg)0.75  x 70

For example:

Cat name: Soju
Cat weight: 4.5kg

RER = (body weight in kg)0.75 x 70
RER = 4.50.75 x 70
RER = 216

*** To calculate on your smartphone, follow the steps below:

1. Open the calculator app.
2. Turn your phone horizontally. This should reveal a scientific calculator.
3. Type the weight in kg. In this example, it would be 4.5.
4. Press the xy button.
5. Type in 0.75, then press the = button.
6. Press the x button, type in 70, then press the = button.
7. The answer is your RER value. In this example, it would be 216.

Step 3: Use the RER to calculate your cat(s)' Daily Energy Requirement (DER) based on their current status.

Status DER (kcal/day)
Kitten (0 to 4 months) 2.5 x RER
Kitten (5 to 12 months) 2.0 x RER
Intact adult
1.4 x RER
Neutered adult 1.2 x RER
To gain weight 1.8 x RER of Ideal Weight
To lose weight 0.8 x RER of Ideal Weight

For example:

Cat name: Soju
Cat weight: 4.5kg (RER = 216)
Status: Neutered adult

DER = 1.2 x RER
DER = 1.2 x 216
DER = 259 kcal/day

Hence, Soju requires 258 kcal daily to meet his Daily Energy Requirement (DER).

Step 4: With DER, you can now calculate how many grams you should feed in a day.

Daily Intake(g) = (DER ÷ product kcal/100g) x 100

For example:

Our Chicken Recipe contains 452 kcal per 100g.
Daily Intake = (DER ÷ product kcal/100g) x 100
Daily Intake = (259 ÷ 452) x 100
Daily Intake = 57g

*** This formula is only applicable to staple food. You may adjust the amount to maintain or achieve an ideal body condition score.