Can we mix freeze-dried with other food?

Can we mix freeze-dried with other food?



Can we mix freeze-dried with kibbles or canned food?

Yes, you can. By adding an appropriate amount of freeze-dried, you increase their palatability towards food and also increase the chances of them accepting a new food. And if you only feed kibbles most of the time, it's recommended that you include some of our freeze-dried to increase their daily protein intake.



Can we store freeze-dried together in the same container as kibbles? Because it's very convenient.

No, you can't even though it's very convenient. This is because kibbles and freeze-dried are very two different food processed differently, hence their shelf life is also different. So, it's recommended that you separate them into two different containers to maintain optimal freshness. 



Can we mix freeze-dried with raw?

Absolutely! Our freeze-dried is a great way to help get them started with raw meals. And if your cat doesn't eat raw eggs, our Quail Egg Yolk serves as a great substitute too.



Will my cat(s) become picky once I started adding freeze-dried to their food? Is it possible that once they get used to freeze-dried, they won't eat if I don't add it?

Nope. When you feed our freeze-dried with an appropriate amount using the correct method, they're unlikely to become picky. However, please remember that you're adding a little freeze-dried to mix with food, not the other way around    

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