Freeze-Dried Know-How

Freeze-Dried Know-How

What's Freeze-Dried?

Freeze-dried involves freezing the food at -40°c, then placing it inside a vacuum chamber to remove the water originally found in the food while maintaining most of its nutritional value.

I’ve heard that Freeze-Dried is better than kibbles. Is it true? Why?

Yes. Because kibbles are processed at high temperatures. And when you use high temperature, you lose a lot of nutrients originally found in the food    

Okay, so if I don't want to feed kibbles, can I feed full Freeze-Dried?

Definitely yes. However, feeding full Freeze-Dried can be expensive. If your budget allows so, great move! If you can't, don't worry. Just start feeding. One step at a time.   

Then can I mix Freeze-Dried with kibbles?

Of course you can. You can mix it with kibbles, canned food and even raw!   

What's the best way to feed your Freeze-Dried?

We recommend soaking it in lukewarm water to increase water intake. Great for those who drink very little water and/or have urinary issues. But it also depends on how they like to eat it. Some prefer it dry.

I've never fed Freeze-Dried. How should I start?

Start feeding a little bit for the first few days. Then adjust accordingly to their appetite. Every kid has their own personality and preferences. Some like this, some don't. You just have to try different feeding methods to find out theirs.

So how many feeding methods can I try?

  1. You can feed it directly as a treat;

  2. Soak it in lukewarm water or goat milk, and serve as wet food;

  3. Or, pinch it and spread over food as topping, like Salt Bae   

I see that your logo is a cat. Do you have something for dogs?

Yes. Our raw Freeze-Dried is also suitable and safe for dogs. The logo actually represents our baby boy. And we started this business because of him.

I have a two-month old kitten/puppy. Can my baby eat?

Absolutely! Our raw Freeze-Dried is suitable for all ages and breeds. As long as you feed according to their appetite. Anything that's not too big or hard to bite will do.

Before trying yours, I've tried other Freeze-Dried. And it tasted salty. Is it normal?

We’re not sure about theirs. But our raw Freeze-Dried has no taste.

Okay I’ve bought yours. And it smells really good. Can I eat?

Please don't. Our Freeze-Dried is raw and cannot be consumed by humans. But some customers have been eating our Green Mussels quietly… (with Maggie...  )

How long does it take for my cat/dog to start showing results?

If you replace their meals entirely with our raw Freeze-Dried, no kibbles, canned food or other food, you should start seeing noticeable results in 10 days. However, if you’re mixing it with other food, the results will be slower depending on how much Freeze-Dried you feed compared to other food. Please bear in mind that this isn't a booster or magic. Nothing happens overnight.

Okay. Now that I've seen the results. Can I stop feeding Freeze-Dried?

Preferably not if you’d like to maintain their current state. Just like human beings. If you stop controlling your diet and skip exercising, you’ll eventually return to your original state. 

But your Freeze-Dried is very expensive. And I’ve found cheaper ones. How about I feed theirs? It's the same right?

Well, you can try and let us know then. Good things come with a price tag. And you're the one who decides what's worth and what not to feed. 

Owh! And our raw Freeze-Dried has no pork   

Thanks for reading!