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Quail Egg Yolk

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Our raw freeze-dried Quail Egg Yolk provides a great chunk of your daily Vitamin B12, Selenium, Riboflavin, and Choline needs, along with some Iron - all in a tiny size. Perfect for cats/dogs/hamsters, of all ages and breeds.


No Additives. No Preservatives. No Grains. Just Quail Egg Yolk.




  • High in Lysine and Biotin.

  • Smaller molecules for higher absorption.

  • Promotes healthy skin and coat.

  • Supports blood cell formation and health.

  • Supports everything from collagen production to healthy blood and balanced hormones.

  • Boosts metabolism and brainpower.

  • Maintains a healthy immune system.

  • Strengthens bones.


  • You improve their overall diet with raw freeze-dried. Because raw meat is more nutrient-dense, leading to smaller poops and lesser-to-no smell.

  • Your life is less miserable when you’ve to clean and scoop their poops every single day. (Trust us, we know!)

  • You control their diet and body shape. No more flabby tummy, bloated belly with a small head etc. Just fit.

  • They love you 3000 times. Because you’re giving them awesome real food.

  • Bowls are usually emptied in minutes. Zero waste! #HappyParent

  • Its compact and lightweight size makes it convenient to feed anywhere, anytime. Especially if you’re on-the-go!

Shelf Life & Storage

Best consumed within 3 months after opening.

Transfer to airtight containers and store in a cool dry place. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.


Grammage, color and sizes may vary due to the nature of the raw materials.

How To Feed

  • You can feed it directly.

  • Mix with kibbles, wet food, raw etc.

  • Or, pinch and sprinkle it over food like Salt Bae.

If You’re New to Freeze-Dried

Start with a small amount for the first few days. Then adjust accordingly to their appetite. 

If They Don’t Eat

Be patient. Try for a few days, or different feeding methods. It may take some time and this is totally normal. You just have to find out what and how they like it. If all fails, please ask Ju妈 for advice.

Shipping Info

  • PGEON Delivery by default. Or, PosLaju/DHL where PGEON isn’t available.

  • Usually 1-3 working days for West Malaysia; and 5-14 working days for East Malaysia. But may vary due to the high volume of parcels during this hard time.

  • RM8 for West Malaysia, or free shipping for RM90 and above.

  • RM25 for East Malaysia, or free shipping for RM250 and above.

Payment Options

  • Bank Transfer. Kindly upload the receipt as proof of payment.

  • DuitNow for Instant Transfer & E-Wallet. Kindly upload the receipt as proof of payment.

  • FPX Online Banking.

  • Visa / Mastercard.

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